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Mikael Kenta
Mikael Kenta


At Storgatan 60 in Stockholm you step straight into the design world of Nyström Persia. In a blend of interior design, art, fashion and accessories you will find stools of Fredrik Färg, Konstantine Gricic's Chair One, Naim Josefi's couture and Jennie Rhönnstad's jewelery. Each gadget has been handpicked and are defined by craftsmanship and originality.

The philosophy and attitude behind Nyström Persia permeates the whole concept and the vision has been to create a venue for people interested in design and fashion. Design events will alternate with other happenings. The store is located next to the office and serves as the base for the architecture- and design studio. If you are not going home with a new lamp or a hat, you will for sure leave with inspiration.

Opening hours: By appointment only

Welcome to Storgatan 60.

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