Nyström Persia is a Design Studio that works within a range of design disciplines. Our main fields are Interior, Architecture, Products and Identity Design. We believe than brand strengthening design can be expressed in many ways. Our means are mainly through three dimensional- as well as two dimensional design.

Private homes is another large part of what we do.

We love to work with our clients and not just for them, meaning that we together develop the goals for our collaboration. To begin with it’s all about finding the right questions. Once that is done, the inspiring process off reaching our goals can begin.

Welcome to Nyström Persia.


The other founder also has a history of furniture carpentry.
Christian worked a lot with branding, for example, eight years at Scanidnavian Airlines, where he both worked with conventional branding and branding by interior design.
Design is about finding core qualities that are worth building on to. It’s about the right questions and the processing of the answers you get from them. And after that, you as a team start walking towards these set goals.
Design decisions need to be made with confidence, this requires a charismatic skill, highly present in Christians work.


One of the two company founders has his roots in the world of art, plus the very practical knowhow that comes from furniture carpentry. Understanding customers' goals is a two sided activity. It is both based on measurable criteria, such as measurements, time frame & economy, but when it comes to the subtle knowledge that fits in between all the hard facts, Daniels has a great ability. The nine years he spent as founder and executive director for a company within interior details, producing designs in cast iron and stone, also brings valuable experience to Nystrom Persia. When it comes to the more hands-on, Daniels sense for materials and how they meet is worth pointing out.